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Sábado, 22 Janeiro 2022 04:47 | Actualizado em Sexta, 20 Maio 2022 15:42


  • Dunlop Qualifier CORE lançado inicialmente em três medidas
  • Performance Hypersport a um preço acessível
  • Desempenho em piso molhado melhorado face ao predecessor

A Dunlop lançou o mais recente membro da sua família de pneus hypersport, o Qualifier CORE, capaz de proporcionar uma soberba, mas acessível, performance a utilizadores de um amplo leque de motos desportivas de nºivel de entrada e de gama média.

Featuring the latest Dunlop technology, Qualifier CORE delivers Dunlop’s renowned hypersport abilities at an affordable price, combining performance with value for riders of entry-level and mid-range nakeds, mid-size roadsters and sports bikes, sport touring models, and previous-generation sports bikes. 

Key Dunlop technologies in Qualifier CORE include Dynamic Front Formula, Carcass Tension Control System and Jointless Belt to ensure excellent handling and stability, while innovations such as its silica-enhanced compound improve grip on wet surfaces and in lower temperatures. 

The familiar tread pattern is inspired by the first generation of Dunlop Sportmax SportSmart, and it works with the key technologies to give balanced tread stiffness, an optimised footprint and even wear. Its revised groove angles and positioning also deliver much improved wet weather performance compared to Qualifier CORE’s predecessor, Qualifier II. Through Dunlop’s Heat Control Technology, different cap (outer) and base (lower) compounds are combined to ensure predictable performance as the tyre wears throughout its life, thus delivering the rider further value.

Qualifier CORE sits within Dunlop’s hypersport family, which also includes the premium SportSmart TT and SportSmart Mk3 tyres. Both feature a number of innovations to supply impressive performance for riders of mid-range and premium sports bikes. 

Qualifier CORE was initially released in three popular sizes in January 2022: 120/70ZR17 (front), 160/60ZR17 (rear) and 180/55ZR17 (rear). In Q4 2022, a further front size (120/60ZR17) and three new rear sizes (190/50ZR17, 190/55ZR17 and 200/50ZR17) will be released. 

Luca Davide Andreoni, Marketing Manager, Dunlop Europe: “Just like the other members of Dunlop’s family of hypersport tyres, Qualifier CORE gives dynamic handling and excellent feedback so riders can extract the exhilarating performance of their bike, whether it’s a naked, a sports bike, a sports tourer or a roadster. We have developed Qualifier CORE with the philosophy of ‘affordable performance’, to distill the properties of our class-leading hypersport tyres SportSmart TT and SportSmart Mk3 into an affordable package that offers a great solution for bikers on a budget.”

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