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Quinta, 16 Janeiro 2020 17:31 | Actualizado em Segunda, 14 Setembro 2020 06:24

Challenges and opportunities in the materials sector

Jean Mermoz High School in SAINT-LOUIS, Alsace, France

Non-destructive testing - testing methods leaving parts complete - explained by Jonathan Kroener, president of the youth section of Cofrend (French confederation of non-destructive testing)

 The 7th symposium of the Jean Mermoz High School in Saint-Louis on “Materials and innovation” took place recently. This was an occasion for the students to learn more about new techniques and the great number of opportunities they offer.

More than 120 pupils and students participated in the symposium that was organized in Saint‑Louis by Dominique Kolb, professor in higher education for the processing of materials. Industry in general and especially the automotive industry find themselves at the dawn of a veritable technical revolution, since the regulatory constraints are becoming very strict due to the recommended reduction for CO2 emissions, as explained by Marc Courteaux, steel expert at PSA. [...]

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