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Quinta, 29 Outubro 2020 16:03 | Actualizado em Domingo, 22 Novembro 2020 01:23

The world from the perspective of an infrared camera


The world from the perspective of an infrared camera

• AT – Automation Technology establishes itself as market leader for smart infrared cameras

• All-in-One-Solution for thermal process monitoring in industry

• Smart technology provides AT infrared camera with monopoly position

Maybe I should introduce myself first: My name is IRSX-I, I am an infrared camera and belong to the IRS family of AT - Automation Technology. IRSX-I sounds pretty wacky at first, I know, but my creators wanted to emphasize my ability for outstanding technology. Because I am quite a valuable package. Not in the material sense, but in terms of my smart and autonomous functionality. Since I am so small and compact, no one would expect that from me, but I give you my word for that. I am a so-called all-in-one solution and you can let my work anywhere on my own. And because I can be used so autonomously and also communicate independently with the one that is connected with me, I am worldwide unique. So you could almost think that the expression "small but powerful" was invented just for me.

I will also explain why. My view of the world is quite different from yours. I am literally in completely different spheres. While you can capture the visible light spectrum with your eyes, my visual world is in the infrared range, i.e. in the range of heat radiation. Take the mobile fever control "FebriScan" from my employer AT - Automation Technology as an example. [...]

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