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Quinta, 13 Agosto 2020 13:09 | Actualizado em Sábado, 26 Setembro 2020 20:28


Electric cars on the Olympic mountain

  • SEAT’s current commitment to electrification has its roots in the company’s history, with iconic models such as the electric SEAT Todelo featured at the 1992 Olympic Games
  • We drove the marathon lead car around Barcelona’s Olympic mountain alongside the brand’s current electric car, the SEAT Mii
  • They are almost 3 decades apart, with different ranges and power, but with the same spirit of zero emissions


28 years ago, in the middle of August 1992, an electric car drove ahead of the Marathon event at the Barcelona Olympic Games, a SEAT Toledo that was specially developed for that historic occasion. But the milestone has a much greater significance - it shows the depth of the historical roots of SEAT’s electric ambitions. An offensive that today includes the SEAT Mii electric, the hybrid versions of the SEAT Leon and the SEAT Tarraco, as well as the CUPRA Leon eHybrid, the future CUPRA Formentor and the CUPRA el-Born, which will be 100% electric. In fact, the company has announced investments worth 5 billion euros over the next five years with electrification as its main focus.

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